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Another Great Magic Gripper Editorial

It seems ages ago I tried out the innovative Magic Gripper, the creation of David Crampton, an experienced kitchen installer. The basic Gripper can hold doors for shooting-in or chopping lock mortises, holding boards, exhibition panels, office screening and so on. At the same time I looked at the long, wheeled bogie version which was perfect for making large movable marking out and assembly tables or even cutting large sheets of glass on.

David felt the bogie pair could be improved by shortening the connecting rods and at the same time change the screw-tightened mechanism underneath, which changes the gap to suit the material width. The new version has a brass thumbwheel to change the gap width and two more to lock it tight to make it easier to do.

The kit now comes with thick cork facings to avoid damaging workpieces and optional rubber footpads or castors with two braked castors per pair of Grippers. There’s also a shelf on the connecting hinge that, along with the cork, allows users to work with glass without causing damage.

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