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End Panel Scribe


4.69 (16 reviews)

This unique patented system has been proven
to be invaluable and the simplest on the market.


Pro-fit End Panel Scribe 

No need for any extra effort when scribing kitchen decor end panels. This patented system has been proven to be invaluable and the simplest on the market.

How It Works

The clamps lift the end panels 25mm above the top of the unit and the round scribe tool has a 25mm radius.


This Means that you get an automatic trim line when you pull the scribe tool along the floor.

End Panel Scribe  tool as many uses and can be used vertical horizontal and flat.

scribing is so simple with this tool, no need to adjust the size of the scribe tool, just widen the largest gap to 25mm and this will eliminate the need to adjust the scribe tool.

Can take up to 25mm thick end panels. Works on tall full height and multiple jointed base panels.



By Pro-Fit Innovations Ltd


Additional information

Weight 0.90 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 cm


16 reviews for End Panel Scribe

  1. Frank Lawson

    Very good kit thanks

  2. David Newton

    Should have bought this years ago for fitting and scribing panels. So easy to use and good value for money.

  3. Steve Brey

    Great scribing tool. Very easy to use and worth the money

  4. Terry Davies

    Useful at a good price

  5. Daz Harris

    Just used this panel scribe on fitting my own kitchen. I am not a kitting fitter but found this scribe tool so easy to use. Would definitely recommend this product

  6. Tony Jones

    Excellent bit of kit.

  7. Mick Slinger

    Pleasantly surprised that this scribe tool was up to the job, Did the job with ease and accuracy many thanks.

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